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Leveraging Controlled Balance

Design Your Own

Welcome to Weber Knapp

Since 1909, Weber Knapp has provided a wide range of custom components and subassemblies to a diverse group of OEMs in a diverse span of industries, ranging from home entertainment and home furnishings, to appliances and medical devices. Starting in the early 1960s, Weber Knapp worked on developing an ever-broadening range of unique springloaded counterbalance hinges used in hundreds of products from toy boxes to operating room lights. Today, the success of our customers’ products in the marketplace continues to be a testament to Weber Knapp’s tradition of design and manufacturing excellence.

Leveraging Controlled Balance

Vectis™, our new generation of springloaded counterbalances – 200, 600, 1200 and 1800 – allow you to combine assisted lifting forces, positional stability and controlled closing forces within an integrated hinge system. Controlling this motion in all positions makes your product more reliable and user friendly.

Weber Knapp has designed the Vectis™ family of counterbalance hinges utilizing standard parts while taking advantage of computer numerically controlled (CNC) capabilities to provide custom counterbalance characteristics that are unique to your application. Simply follow our easy-to-use proprietary Design Your Own/DYO app and plug in your product’s three critical parameters of the load to be counterbalanced. Order one or as many as your project requires.

Vectis™ Custom takes our expertise to the next level. Built to address specific design challenges or to incorporate additional features, each Vectis™ Custom hinge is a totally unique design. As a result, the related engineering and tooling costs are typically offset by larger production quantities.

Meet Bobby Brennan and the Kamado Joe® Smoker

The Kamado Joe® premium cookers are crafted to last a lifetime and they’re packed with patented innovations that are shaking up the world of grilling and smoking. The dome shaped ceramic lid design that contributes to the high quality cooking experience was resulting in a heavy (45 -75#) lid often found to be extremely difficult to lift. “I knew that Weber Knapp had addressed a similar application in the past, and thought they might be able to help us,” said Kamado Joe® Co-founder Bobby Brennan. “Boy, did they come through with a design…”