Weber Knapp Innovation

Based on a family of four pre-engineered standard configurations, Vectis™ springloaded counterbalance hinges are individually tailored and manufactured to match your specific load requirements. Since the tooling and engineering is common across the offering, the four standard Vectis™ counterbalance hinges – 200, 600, 1200 and 1800 – can cost-effectively address a wide range of force outputs. Whether you need one or 1,000, take advantage of our decades of engineering experience to meet your project’s needs.

Vectis™ Custom addresses applications that are outside of the standard torque or mounting parameters of Vectis™ counterbalance hinges. Vectis™ Custom takes our expertise to the next level. Each Vectis™ Custom hinge design is purpose built to manage specific design challenges or to add new features required to get the job done. Each unique hinge is designed, engineered and tooled in house, with larger production quanities making the production more affordable for the end user.

Currently, more than 100 Weber Knapp professionals are focused on the common goal of successfully integrating performance and engineering expertise to solve any product development and manufacturing challenges. To learn more about Weber Knapp and our full line of springloaded counterbalance hinge products and customization services, visit or call us at 800-828-9254, ext. 259.

All Vectis™ products are manufactured in the USA.